Block HQ Mallorca Cross Training Strength Conditioning HIIT Fitness Camp

Both being big sport lovers, we made a few Fitness trips to various destinations on the globe and during those escapades we noticed that nothing similar to these fitness training camps, which exist since about 10 years in Asia in destinations like Phuket and Bali – also beautiful islands – exist in Europe on our paradise island Mallorca…hmm hmm…

This simple observation is the starting point of this amazing Fitness Camp which is becoming a leader for Fitness Holidays in Europe. Of course, to get to this level, we surounded the project with the best players possible: a German travel agency and tour operator, and a very reknown, qualified and various times ‘national champion’ team of coaches.

Block HQ, offers scientifically proven methods and provides a formula entailing first-class trainings and state of the art equipment. You are sure to take your body to the next level in our fun and safe environment.

Below a few videos from our Trainings

Mallorca Fitness Destination in Europe

This video is a nice introduction to the concept: Making sport in Paradise!

Strength and Conditioning session in Block HQ

One of our S&C sessions as if you are in!

Functional Training in Mallorca

Functional Training and Weight Loss in Mallorca

High Intensity Interval Training

Our are sessions are hard but fun!

This is our Halloween!

Trainings are an important part of life as is having FUN!

Already on TV!

Mannequin Challenge in Live Conditions

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