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Boutique Hotel & Restaurant in Mallorca

Our Story

It all started in 1967 when it was created by a famous British showman, TV presenter, radio speaker, singer, dancer and actor Chris Howland. He made almost all his career in Germany where he became extremely popular – we often hear his name said by people visiting us. During his numerous travels pre-Villa Columbus, he fell in love with an architecture that is now often called Ibiza-style. He also lived on a hotel island during three months for the purposes of shooting a movie. That hotel touched his soul and made him choose a hill in Paguera in the late 1960’s, with no direct neighbor (times changed) and build a mixture of his dreams and imagination.

During the course of time, Villa Columbus changed owners, and since almost ten years now, it is owned by our family, Julia, Sémy and the two little angels/devils you see sometimes. All these years, we, our predecessors and our Team, love this little gem and take care of it and its magnificent gardens with lots of tenderness and hard work. Below you can see some videos and pictures about this. Lately we refurbished all the pool area and terraces with the local famous Santanyi stones – mainly used for the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. Of course, it is way more than ‘just covering with stones’ as we had to redo all electricity and water pipes first.

When the hotel first opened, it had the Calle Palmira part only until the end of the pool. The big terrace and what now is the Reception of the hotel was added later on as the land where it is was previously a tennis court. Now it is replaced by our big beautiful sunny terrace and its fountain and the new main entrance and gate of the hotel on Calle Pinos, just beside a free car parking. One notable change was when our little Boutique Hotel started offering Restaurant services for outdoor visitors. We knew then that as every other thing Villa Columbus makes, our Restaurant had to be different. But that’s another story and a great success that you can see a little further on…

Below we compiled a few memories for you. 

Past / Present
We thank our guests who sent us their memories !

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Also a Restaurant
Live Events

We organize some Live events of high quality to accompany your dinner – check calendar.


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Small Work Compilation
Maintaining yearly our hard earned level

This galery shows the different stages of work you do not see because we are closed then


Enjoy your visit backstage!

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