Villa Columbus has a caring Team…

Our little gem needs all of us to make it the way it is. Here is this Team of people.


Favourite drink: Water and a little shot of Vodka Caramelo at occasions
Fav’meal: A well prepared meal with rice
Fav’movie: Lo imposible
Fav’sentence: “Just a word…Felicidad!”
Favourite football player: Iniesta
Fav’Cricket player or tender insult: Gillipollas
Fav’hobby: To work )))


Favourite drink: Beer
Fav’meal: Paella
Fav’movie: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Fav’sentence: “Vacaciones!”
Favourite football player: Raul
Fav’Cricket player or tender insult: “Vete a tomar por culo!”
Fav’hobby: Cinema


Favourite drink: Cerveza
Fav’meal: Huevos rotos
Fav’movie: The Godfather 1
Fav’sentence: “Compromiso!”
Favourite football player: Raul
Fav’Cricket player or tender insult: “Joder! Cojones! Ostia!”
Fav’hobby: Reading and Domino


Favourite drink: Apfelschorle
Fav’meal: Pa amb Oli con sobrasada y miel
Fav’movie: “Pffff…hundreds”
Fav’sentence: Practice makes perfect
Favourite football player: My son Leo (look what Semy said))
Fav’Cricket player or tender insult: Me cago en diez… (ulala)
Fav’hobby: Sleep, kiss my kids, go out with my husband, sports


Favourite drink: Sangria
Fav’meal: Cocido madrileño (ask him, he will explain)
Fav’movie: Kingdom of Heaven
Fav’sentence: “Manda Huevos”
Favourite football player: Messi
Fav’Cricket player or tender insult: Cabronazo
Fav’hobby: Time with family


Favourite drink: Coca-Cola (“Really? Only??” – “Well…Bailey’s too…”)
Fav’meal: Chicken breast with pepper sauce
Fav’movie: John Q.
Fav’sentence: Hay que vivir la vida!
Favourite football player: Gerard Piqué
Fav’Cricket player or tender insult: Imbecil!
Fav’hobby: Zumba


Favourite drink: Colacao
Fav’meal: Spaghetti carbonara
Fav’movie: Jumanji
Fav’sentence: “Todo tiene su recompensa”
Favourite football player: Iniesta
Fav’Cricket player or tender insult: “Atontado!”
Fav’hobby: Football


Favourite drink: Gin and Tonic
Fav’meal: Chicken on barbecue with veggies
Fav’movie: Braveheart
Fav’sentence: The last effort is the hardest task
Favourite football player: Waiting for the next Leo ))
Fav’Cricket player or tender insult: What the ffff?!
Fav’hobby: Football

As you all probably understood, Spain is not the country for cricket